4 SIM Card Switcher


Use up to 4 SIM cards with a single smartphone

SIM CHANGER ⊿ (DELTA) utilizes "portable SIM" technology created by Japan's NTT DoCoMo and allows up to 4 SIM cards to be connected to a single smartphone.

Insert the included bridge SIM card into your smartphone and up to 4 SIM cards into DELTA, then using the companion app you can easily switch between each of your 4 SIMs. DELTA will transfer your SIM contents to the bridge SIM card via Bluetooth, providing an easy way to use multiple numbers or data accounts without needing multiple smartphones.

Use the companion app to change SIM cards easily without needing to open your smartphone. When travellling for business or pleasure you can insert a local SIM cards into SIM CHANGER DELTA to avoid high roaming charges when you're travelling abroad.

Compact and palm sized, it is easy to take with you whenever you're on the move. The internal high capacity 3,400mAh battery means it can be used for up to 30 days without needing to recharge.

Specification (May Change)
Size50.8 x 80 x 45.8mm
Weightapprox. 100g
SlotsnanoSIM x2, microSIM x2
Operating TimeUp to 30 days
Charging Time4 hours
Bridge SIM CardiOS / Android